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Our Story


We offer 35 years of experience in business development services including:

  • Project development: Helping businesses develop and implement projects to achieve their growth goals. We collaborate to define the road map for your future business development success. We are experts that plan, create, develop and manage your projects including market research, digital content media, video production, eCommerce design, AI programming and sales.​​

  • Lead generation and qualification: Helping businesses generate and qualify leads, or potential customers.  Effective advertising can increase sales, and we create targeted video productions.

  • Sales and marketing alignment: Ensuring that sales and marketing teams are aligned and working together effectively to generate and close deals. We build collaborative intelligent tools that generate better industry data, so you can reach more customers with a better ROI solution. 

  • Customer relationship management (CRM): Helping businesses implement and use CRM systems to better manage customer relationships. Build intelligent AI that analyzes, tracks and presents data. 

  • Process improvement: Helping businesses improve their business processes to make them more efficient and effective. Communication and information sharing within organizations is key to success 

  • Training and coaching: Providing training and coaching to sales and marketing teams to help them improve their skills and performance. We create micro-learning presentations that enhance your employees and educate customers.

In addition to these general services, Entangled Vibrations also offers specialized services, such as:

  • New product development: Helping businesses develop and launch new products and services.

  • Channel development: Helping businesses develop and manage their sales channels.

  • Partnership development: Helping businesses develop and manage strategic partnerships.

  • International expansion: Helping businesses expand their operations into new international markets.

James E Dean ... Director, eBusiness Expert  

James brings over 35 years of experience across a wide range of industries worldwide. He is considered by many to be a leading expert in the energy sector, retail eCommerce, brand marketing and AI technology. Mr. Dean is also a frequent Blogger, and graduate of Boston University. He enjoys collecting antiques, history, travel and fitness.  Inquiry:  Email  Message

Mr. Dean is the co-founder (1995 - 2005) of BorisFX, where he helped pioneer broadcast digital effects, video editing systems and advanced algorithms for software and hardware systems. Mr. Dean lead the team that partnered with AVID, SONY, MicroSoft, Apple, Panasonic, D-Vision Systems, IBM and MATROX to develop the digital video production industry which has enabled consumers i.e. ordinary people to create broadcast quality information, stories and share knowledge on networks worldwide.

Our Approach

Listening is a valuable skill we practice frequently, without any preconceived notions or hasty deductions with regard to the core challenges and needs of each client. By listening carefully, we may then develop the knowledge and study the details necessary to map a proper solution.


We use a deliberate creative approach to find solutions which often saves time and money. Each client we come across is different, and their goals are truly unique. Working in partnership, we apply a consistent science based approach to uncover, and study challenges for the optimal solution (s). 

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