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Judith Faulkner, Obscure Tech Billionaire Changed the Healthcare Industry Creating MyChart Empowering 305 Million Patients

Perhaps, you've been to the doctor lately, gotten a medical checkup or visited for a healthcare issue. If so, its likely you've become familiar with MyChart, a medical records system that's used by thousands of medical professionals. In fact MyChart was developed by EPIC Systems Corporation, a company that started as a modest 1979 basement startup in Judith Faulkner's Wisconsin home. And today, the MyChart platform has grown into a healthcare technology powerhouse, now managing the medical records of approximately 305 million patients. Central to this incredible journey has been MyChart, EPIC's patient portal that has revolutionized the way patients interact with their healthcare providers.

The Humble Beginnings

Judith Faulkner, a visionary computer scientist, founded EPIC with a simple yet ambitious goal: to improve the way healthcare information is managed and shared. Initially starting with just a handful of employees, Faulkner's basement was the birthplace of what would become one of the most influential healthcare technology companies in the world.

In the beginning, Judy started EPIC on just $70,000 capital from friends and family. And today, her net worth is valued at over $8 Billion by FORBES, and EPIC is still a private company, which Judy still owns 47% of the equity in a thriving healthcare business.

MyChart: Bridging Patients and Providers

Launched as part of EPIC's comprehensive suite of healthcare software, MyChart is a patient portal that allows users to access their medical records, communicate with their doctors, schedule appointments, and manage prescriptions online. This tool has been instrumental in shifting the control of healthcare information from providers to patients, fostering a more collaborative and transparent healthcare experience.

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Key Features of MyChart

  1. Access to Medical Records: Patients can view their test results, diagnoses, and treatment plans, ensuring they are fully informed about their health.

  2. Secure Messaging: Enables direct communication between patients and their healthcare providers, improving response times and patient satisfaction.

  3. Appointment Scheduling: Patients can book, cancel, or reschedule appointments without needing to call the clinic, enhancing convenience.

  4. Prescription Management: Users can request prescription refills and view their medication history, streamlining the medication management process.

  5. Billing and Payments: MyChart provides an easy way for patients to view their bills and make payments online, simplifying the financial aspects of healthcare.

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The Growth Trajectory

EPIC's growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. From its humble beginnings, the company now employs over 10,000 people and serves some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world. MyChart's widespread adoption is a testament to EPIC's commitment to innovation and improving patient care. The portal is used by millions of patients globally, making healthcare more accessible and efficient.

The Impact on Healthcare

MyChart has not only transformed patient experiences but has also set a new standard for healthcare IT. By providing patients with immediate access to their health information and facilitating better communication with healthcare providers, MyChart has improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. Moreover, the data collected through MyChart helps healthcare providers make more informed decisions, ultimately enhancing the quality of care.

The Future of MyChart and EPIC

As healthcare continues to evolve, EPIC and MyChart are poised to lead the way in integrating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning into their platforms. These innovations will likely provide even deeper insights into patient health, predictive analytics for disease prevention, and more personalized care plans.


From a basement startup to a global leader in healthcare technology, Judith Faulkner has quietly, worked in relative obscurity, inspiring millions of people. For decades, she has led the EPIC Systems Corporate journey, a remarkable story of innovation and perseverance. MyChart has been at the heart of this success, empowering patients and transforming healthcare delivery. With Judith Faulkner's vision and EPIC's unwavering commitment to excellence, the future of MyChart looks brighter than ever, promising even more significant advancements in healthcare technology. Ultimately, Judith Faulkner, a brilliant pioneer in the healthcare industry has made a real difference in the world. Thank You, Judy!

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