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Hands Free Mobility of the Future: Honda UNI-ONE Virtual Reality Control

Updated: Mar 26

I attended a recent trade show with our client, Honda demonstrating the revolutionizing personal mobility technology offered by the UNI-ONE, a hands-free seated device that goes beyond wheelchairs and traditional electric scooters. This innovative technology allows users to move around effortlessly using just their body weight and we've added a virtual reality (VR) headset for even greater control writes author, James Dean. A number of applications make the UNI-ONE, a ground breaking innovation.

Intuitive VR Control for Everyone

The UNI-ONE stands out for its intuitive virtual reality control system. Unlike wheelchairs that require hand operation, the UNI-ONE responds to the user's body movements. By simply shifting weight in the desired direction, the user can move forward, backward, sideways, or even turn around. This frees up both hands for carrying objects, interacting with the environment, or simply relaxing during the ride. It makes the UNI-ONE operable anyone, even the someone that's disabled enabling the freedom to travel and enjoy a more fruitful life.

Designed for Accessibility and Interaction

The UNI-ONE isn't just about convenience; it's about promoting social interaction and accessibility. The seat height can be adjusted, allowing users to maintain eye contact with people standing or seated. This fosters a more natural and inclusive experience.


Building on Honda's Legacy

The UNI-ONE isn't entirely new. It builds upon Honda's experience with the UNI-CUB series, personal mobility devices known for their self-balancing technology. The UNI-ONE takes this technology a step further, incorporating a comfortable seat and intuitive body-weight control. The UNI-ONE is capable of traveling about five miles or two hours on a single charge. While future models under development will double this specification.

More Recent Developments

At SXSW 2024, Honda unveiled the world's first Extended Reality Mobility Experience featuring the UNI-ONE. This experience combines the real-world operation of the UNI-ONE with a virtual reality environment, showcasing the device's potential for entertainment and even rehabilitation.

The Honda UNI-ONE is a significant advancement in personal mobility. With its focus on user-friendliness, accessibility, and innovative control system, the UNI-ONE paves the way for a more inclusive and interactive future for people on the move.

A Glimpse into the Future

The UNI-ONE is more than just a new gadget; it's a glimpse into the future of mobility. This technology has the potential to benefit people with limited mobility, offering them a new level of freedom and independence. Additionally, its hands-free design opens doors for various applications, from navigating busy workplaces to sightseeing with newfound ease.

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