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Building Businesses for the Ages: Catering to Customers with Extended Lifespans

Updated: Mar 15

Recently, as I sat in the service at church last weekend in Avon, Ohio; the pastors statement, "The two absolutes in life are birth and death"; it sparked my thinking. Particularly, the later concept in his statement, "death" struck me to ponder, given all the nanotechnology genetic and biotech advancements I've come across with business partners, it will soon be possible for humans to live vastly extended lifespans. So what if death was no longer an absolute for the human race? How would humans ie. customers that lived 250 years change the purpose and makeup of our business models? And what about the influence on our society, lifestyles.

In fact, leading scientist such as Ray Kurzweil, Bill Gates and Elon Musk agree that within the next ten to twenty years, it will certainly be possible to eradicate most diseases, reverse aging and digitize a persons consciousness which very likely will become a widespread benefit to humans by 2040, and perhaps even sooner writes James Dean, CEO Entangled Vibrations.

While today the concept of immortality may still belong to the realm of science fiction, rapid advancements in technology and medicine are constantly pushing the boundaries of human life expectancy. While physical immortality might remain elusive, the possibility of significantly extended lifespans presents intriguing challenges and opportunities for businesses. The ability to digitize and preserve a human individual's consciousness is already well underway with developments at companies such as Neuralink, BrainCO, or MindMaze. Further, the ability to eradicate disease and reverse or freeze aging, provides the opportunity to utilize AI biotechnology advancements to transfer an "individual" into another entity or artificial skin ie. Cyborg "body" which may take-on many forms in the near future. WATCH VIDEO ...

Longevity Escape Velocity: Outrunning Age with Science

Longevity escape velocity (LEV) is a hypothetical scenario coined by pioneering scientist, Ray Kurzweil, Google's Director of Engineering in the life extension movement where the rate of progress in medical technologies outpaces the rate of aging. In simpler terms, our life expectancy increases faster than we age each year.

Imagine this: if you're 35 and your current life expectancy is 86, achieving LEV would mean that by your 36th birthday, your remaining life expectancy would be 88 (or even higher) – essentially adding a year, or more, to your lifespan in just one year.

Here's how it works:

  • Currently, for every additional year of life expectancy we gain, we need at least one year of research and development. This means medical advancements are lagging behind aging, but robust acceleration will occur with optimal Quantum Computing applications that uncover answers to vastly expanding our lifespans.

  • LEV would reverse this trend, with life expectancy increasing by more than one year for every year of research. This could happen through breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, gene editing, senolytic therapies (targeting aging cells), or even uploading consciousness to non-biological substrates.

Here's how businesses might begin to adapt to serve a customer that could potentially live for centuries ...

1. Shift from Products to Experiences: With basic needs potentially taken care of over a longer lifespan, the focus will shift from acquiring material possessions to seeking richer experiences. This may become increasingly true as AI robots perform much of the labor to produce goods and services, thus the cost of goods, and profit margins could drop significantly worldwide. Businesses may shift to provide meaningful journeys, personalized learning opportunities, and avenues for creative expression that create lasting fulfillment. Imagine curated travel experiences spanning generations, bespoke educational programs focused on personal growth, or even collaborative art projects built upon a shared history. The importance of learning and knowledge becomes a primary focus in the future.

2. Embrace Generational Continuity: Think beyond the traditional customer lifecycle. Build trust and loyalty that last centuries by catering to entire family lineages. Financial advisors could manage wealth across generations, healthcare providers could offer personalized genetic counseling and preventative care tailored to family histories, and educational institutions could create learning communities that span centuries over entire lifetimes.

3. Prioritize Adaptability and Innovation: In a world with potentially infinite lifespans, individual needs and preferences will evolve drastically. Businesses must adopt a nimble and innovative approach, constantly adapting their offerings to cater to a dynamic and diverse clientele. Imagine a world where fashion houses anticipate evolving trends across centuries, or tech companies design products that seamlessly integrate with future advancements. And the inhabitants of other planets, space travel will shape our lives.

4. Focus on Meaning and Purpose: With more time, the pursuit of meaning and purpose could become a central goal. Businesses can cater to this existential need by offering opportunities for self-discovery, social network impact initiatives, and collaborative endeavors that contribute to a greater good. Imagine corporations facilitating large-scale environmental projects spanning generations, or artistic collaborations that create lasting legacies. A refreshing change from today's short-sighted leadership to long-term planning.

5. Navigate the Ethical Landscape: The prospect of an immortal population raises crucial questions about resource allocation, social inequality, and the impact on future generations. Businesses must operate with ethical responsibility and transparency, ensuring their practices benefit all members of society, not just the select few with extended lifespans. Open discourse, responsible use of technology, and a commitment to sustainability will be crucial. A greater respect for our environment and impacts of lifestyle.

Building a business for customers with extended lifespans is not just about adapting existing models; it's about reimagining the very purpose of business. It's about creating a future where companies contribute to individual and collective fulfillment, fostering a society that thrives not just for a generation, but for generations to come. This wild departure significantly changes the financial models of most businesses, and the long-term investment decisions.

Remember, the pursuit of immortality for humans should be guided by ethical principles and a commitment to building a future that benefits all. As we explore these possibilities, let's prioritize responsible development, open dialogue, and a shared vision for a more peaceful world and beyond where extended lifespans translate to a brighter future for all.

James Dean, CEO Entangled Vibrations located in Northeast Ohio with over 35 years of experience in Business Development. Mr. Dean leads a team helping entrepreneurs, corporations and non-profits to succeed in a changing world. Grow Your Business TEL 440-597-3964 or Email Us 


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